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The Adventures of Sot

brought to you by Sot

24 December 1990
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Name: Alina

Nicknames: Sot, Sotty, Tortalina, Leeney, Sotness da Hotness (thanks to kyou_kyou) :P

Birthday: 12/24/90

Hair: Brown/Auburn

Eyes: Brown

Glasses: Yes *has glasses pride* :D

Dislikes: Bugs, Idiotic people, Being in cars with people who can't drive (quite a few horror stories there), thunderstorms, Homophobia, Flying things, Asparagus

Likes: Rainbows, Colorful/Shiney things, creativity, painting, fruit, sugar, Oolong tea, Food, Androgyny, Doodles, Being in control, Cosplay, Cello, Frizbee





WARNING: Extreme geekyness ahead. If acceptable, board the ship, if not, sail away and we'll all just be okay :P

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Music is Love

Made by mizmolko

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Kermit is Love

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Color is Everywhere

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Cirque du Soleil is Awe-inspiring Love

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Ballet is Graceful Love

All color bars by ltc_colorbars and tsl_colourbars
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