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Writer's Block: Mother Monster returns

May. 23rd, 2011 | 10:43 pm

In three words, how would you describe Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga isss....a fuckin crazy lady.

Today Anthony, one of my coworkers gave me a magazine page of a lady gaga paper doll.

Complete with cup of noodle hair. and denny's breakfast bikini.

Any breakfast bikini eaten off of lady gaga would give people diseases.

Lady Gaga: Fucking Crazy Lady. The next madonna. Could outdo Elton (in camp)

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(no subject)

Jun. 9th, 2010 | 10:49 pm

Summer's been good so far~

Went to Japan. Whiiiich was an experience.

Came back.

Came back to work. Hoping to get lots of hours and make lots of money so I can survive next year.

Suuuuuper excited about moving into the new apartment. Want to do that riiiiiight now.

I want to go to the beach. Provided it's warm out...and sunny. Aaaaand other people will go with me. Other than that...I just want to get out of the house. And get my cleaning done ASAP. Blaaaaaarughghgkasdlfaksd *explodes*

I really hate dealing with other peoples mess that has piled up and then been ignored for decades. It reallyreally irks me.

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(no subject)

May. 10th, 2010 | 09:19 am

Had a headache yesterday and woke up with same headache only worse :(

But today is my last class! Innnnn 20 minutes I will be headed to tower and passing in my papers and having ONE MORE DISCUSSION. Then I will be doooonnnnnnnnnneeee!!!

Moving out this thursday. I wanted to stay a little bit because I was like "it'll be warm and I can just chill outside with whoever is still here" buut i will just be CHILLING because it's like...50 degrees tops here? WTF? it was like...all 70's the past week. Not fair :(

I feel like there's a balloon in my head. And I reallyreallyreally just want to pop it.

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(no subject)

Apr. 27th, 2010 | 10:25 pm


Well actually, I just have to add text to it >_< I know the words that I want to go on the pages, but I don't know exactly how I want it to look... maybe typewriter-ey? Onnnnly, I'm gunna fake it by hand because 1) I don't have a type writer and 2)The paper wouldn't even go through a typewriter if I had one.

Bwuaaah. I just realized that I've been working on this book for 12 hours straight today. Minus eating break (I just scarfed a bagel in my kitchen), but I went right back to work after. I didn't just start today either... I started it last Tuesday. And I 'm not even done.

But I'm going to finish it tonight! :| <--determined face?

Aaand I'm going to try and start my Northern Baroque art essay?

Iiiii have to:

- Finish Visual Language Book
- Put together portfolio for Visual Language
- Stretch 3 Canvases/interview 3 people/collage canvases/embroider canvases
- Write Northern Baroque Art Essay (3 Pages)
- Write Literary Traditions Paper (10-12 Pages)
- Make something for my Papermaking class as a final

Iiii have a week....to do all that basically. AAAAAAAUUGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGGH *explodes*

I am exhausted. Not tired, but exhausted. Waking up for an 8am 5 hour class did not help T_T

Iiii am going to get as much homework as I can done this week. The weekend is supposed to be wiiicked nice, so I will be sad doing homework the whole time :( I'm going to the 'ham this weekend for atleast a little bit so I can move some of my stuff out. There is legit nooooo parking here, so moving in and out is a bitch when so many other people are doing it and you have a lot of stuff. Sooo I just want to get all the cluttery things I don't really need out. Bwuaaaaaaghghghghghghggh.

*explodes, drinks more tea and tries to get more work done*

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(no subject)

Apr. 20th, 2010 | 09:26 pm

Went to an amazing little bookshop by the common today and got 3 wiiiiicked old books for like 9 dollars. Going to hack 'em up and make my own book for Visual Language 2 final project :P

I forgot my glasses at home too, so my mom dropped them off and we went out for icecream at JP Licks. I had Rice Dice Kream, which is like rice pudding icecream. Sooo delicious.

Came back to the dorm and was altogether unproductive.

Iiii really need to start working on my final projects liek woah....especially since I have like what 2 weeks left of school basically. WHAAAAAAAAAAT :OOO

*is freakin out with final projects*

*is freakin out because I'll be moving home again for potentially my last summer in framingham*

*is freakin out for japan*

*is just freakin out in general*

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(no subject)

Mar. 16th, 2010 | 04:10 pm

It is extremely gorgeous outside~

I overslept today aaaand didn't have time to shower before class, so I literally just threw on clothes and went out the door.

Got out of class and came back and showered. I love showering when it's afternoon and sunny and warm out <3

Steph came back from class after, and she had to record sound files for her homework for Visual Language, so we walked up to mission hill and looked at the abandoned buildings/churches that are on the way, and went to the mission hill playground. It was nice and warm and sunny and the birds were singing. There was a creeper at the playground tho. He was just like...sitting from afar and watching us, and then he came closer and was watching us, and he was writing stuff down. Aaand then he was leaving just as we were leaving, sooo we basically just went a windy way to get out of there and lost him after a few intersections.

We headed over to this hilly park place right behind Stop and Shop afterward. It's really high up, so the view is incredible, and it's so much less noisy than being down hear the street level. It was really nice and sunny. Picked up a few dead flowery plant stuff to put in my paper for papermaking and book, and then we walked back.

Ran into Alex outside on the bench before he was leaving for work, so I sat with him and his roommate Ethan for a while and talked, which was nice.

I'm thinking about going back outside to the park to read.

Buuuuut I should really do my essay for friday.


I want watermelon.

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(no subject)

Mar. 15th, 2010 | 06:54 pm
music: Sleepy Lion--//--Magic Magic

Spring break happened.

It was nice~

Worked some, hung out with some peeps. Ate delicious food, went dancing with people. Contra that is, not like clubbing type dancing :P Alex taught me how to waltz.

Speeeaking of Alex. He came to pick me up from work on like...Tuesday, and he had his hat on. Like...a wool winter hat. And it was actually warm. So in my head I was thinking "that's odd" but I didn't really connect anything. Aaaand then he was like "look!" and took it off and ALL OF HIS HAIR IS GONE. It's short!!! Like an actual boys haircut!!! And it looks so good on him. I was in shock for like.....a long time. Atleast that whole day. But I couldn't talk for like 10 minutes, just stare at him in shock. He had a braid that the girlfriend (Alex also) of his friend/roommate Forrest gave him still, that is his old hair length, so people kept making Jedi/avatar jokes at contra. Forrest and Alex (the girl) and thier friend Ryan all have one, so they kept it. I like it tho. Gives me something to play with still.

But that was a shocker.

Then I got sick.

So I have a really bad cold.


And had to work with a cold. Without a voice really. And then my favorite manager is transferring. And school started again. And I am still pretty sick. As in hacking up a lung sick.

But it will be warm tomorrow hopefully. And not rainy like it has been for the past 4 days? And then things will be happier?

But otherwise things are good. Things between me and Alex were pretty rocky up until break with arguing and stuff, but we've sorted a lot of things out, and actually had time together, which was beginning to get a little straining. Up until the friday before spring break we hadn't done anything together other than just dropping by and seeing each other for a while fooooooor about 3 or 4 months. Which was kind of scary.

But things are better now.

I am happy.

Even though I am sick.

Only like....2 more months left of school though. like WTF? I get out May 10th.

Aaaaaaaand yea. Damien Rice, Magic Magic and Ok Go are love.

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(no subject)

Feb. 24th, 2010 | 11:52 am

Drawing today. Do not enjoy because it is 5 hours of pain. Physical pain and frustration.

It is also raining. Do not enjoy.

Steph and I went up to mission hill where Emma lives in her homey cute apartment with her two kitties "girl" and "mozart". Made banana cupcakes and listened to Grizzly Bear. Did enjoy. Will repeat.

Excited for the apartment liek woah.

Was woken up really early the 4th day in a row by Ally slamming her drawers hard enough to shake my bed. Did not enjoy. Once again looking forward to the apartment liek woah.

Need to apply for a new job in Coolidge Corner. Willlll have to leave Delias when I live there.

Making a book. It is a lot of work...and sewing since I'm making it all out of fabric. My wrist does not agree with this, especially since I am bad and take off my brace because I have no control with it on.

Don't have classes tomorrow. Going shopping then possibly breaking into an abandoned opera house with a few friends. Yea...I know, me too.

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(no subject)

Feb. 18th, 2010 | 10:00 am

Iiii have inflammation of the nerve in my wrist. Sooo I have to wear a wrist splint/brace.

Iiiit is my right hand. I am right handed.

Which makes typing retarded and painful.

as well as makes drawing, writing and putting on makeup rather difficult.

Iiiii also need to start my book for class....which I was going to do a lot of sewing/embroidery for....


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(no subject)

Feb. 15th, 2010 | 09:17 pm

Soooooo this past weekend was Valentine's day weekend :)

Originally I thought that it was going to be horrible.

Friday I got home from Boston, did laundry, died my hair, cut my bangs and watched the opening ceremonies of the olympics all at the same time.

Saaaturday I woke up, went to the post office to apply for my passport, and then my dad took me to breakfast at Panera's, which was suuuper yummy. I absolutely adore pastries. Especially when accompanied by cofffffeeeeeee <3 It was nice. I like, never do anything that's just me and my dad, so it was interesting experience. Afterwards we rushed home, and Anna picked me and Tori up and we went to a morning showing of "Valentines Day". It was suuuuuuper cute, and I liked how all the stories matched up, and how it wasn't too romanticly sappy, and how things weren't all just happy in the end. We went out to the cheesecake factory afterwards and had yummy foods and split a slice of delicious cheesecake 3 ways. After We all did a little shopping, I went home for a few hours before I had to go to work. It was fun just being able to go out with friends. I hadn't done it in a while.

Originally I was planning on not making Alex a valentine or anything, because we didn't have plans or anything, and he wasn't coming back to framingham for the weekend, so I'd basically given up on giving him anything thoughtful and sweet. Buuut at the last minute I realized that if I didn't try and give him anything, that I'd just be giving up on him, and he'd never give me anything back. So I wrote him a letter. It wasn't a particularly happy letter, but it was a valentines letter all the same.

I thought I was going to be back Sunday night, but my mom had Monday off, and I did too, so she was like "Oh, let's have breakfast on Monday morning and then I'll drive you back then", so I told Alex that, and he was all "alksdjfalksdjfa T_T" so I persuaded my mom to drive me back on Sunday night and she was like "Ok-- we can do breakfast for dinner then on the way back!" aaaaand I told Alex that and he was "....no you can't" aaaand so I asked why and he said he had a surprise for me, that he was going to cook me dinner. Sooo my mom drove me back Sunday night and when I got back Alex texted me to check my mailbox, so I did and he'd left me a letter, which was sweet. Aaand he told me that he'd call when he was done cooking, so I unpacked and everything, and went down when he called. Aaaand he'd made me shrimp scampi with walnut and cranberry salad, which he'd set up in a little table in his room with candles--aaand he bought me flowers. Soooo I was pretty happy :) Valentine's day was not forgotten <3

Anywhooo, went to blick today to get supplies for stuffff, and did homework all day basically. Been doing my drawing project for the past 4 hours aaaaand I still have like...the whole background to do basically. And my wrist is killing me :( I pulled a muscle, or sprained it or something. It's been hurting since last week on wednesday. Aaand this happened a couple weeks ago too :( So yea...smudging chalk pastels on a 4 ft by 3ft piece of paper is hell T_T

But yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Need to get that done for wednesday :X

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